Sacha Baron Cohen Back as Borat

A sequel to “Borat” from 2006 has been recorded during 2020. The creator, Sacha Baron Cohen, is said to have already shown the movie to people in the film industry. |

Cohen has appeared in the news several times in recent months for various public, practical jokes. This has led his fans to speculate on whether he’s making a second season of his Showtime series “Who Is America?”, or if he has a brand new project underway. Now, however, everything seems to indicate that the project he’s filming is some kind of sequel to “Borat” – “Cohen plays Borat who plays Cohen”, as Jeff Sneider at Collider described it.

In June, Cohen’s character entered a far-right rally in Washington and convinced the audience to sing along with him in a racist song. The text included passages about injecting children with the “Wuhan flu” and “cutting up” journalists “like the Saudis do”. Cohen was wearing overalls and a beard, posing as a country singer. Another event that went viral at the end of August was when Cohen, dressed as Borat, was driving down a street with a film crew in front of the car. This was caught on video by a TikTok user.

It’s speculated that the movie may be released before the U.S. presidential election on November 3, 2020 – 14 years after the original.