Sacha Baron Cohen Back as Borat

A sequel to “Borat” from 2006 has been recorded during 2020. The creator, Sacha Baron Cohen, is said to have already shown the movie to people in the film industry.

Cohen has appeared in the news several times in recent months for various public, practical jokes. This has led his fans to speculate on whether he’s making a second season of his Showtime series “Who Is America?”, or if he has a brand new project underway. Now, however, everything seems to indicate that the project he’s filming is some kind of sequel to “Borat” – “Cohen plays Borat who plays Cohen”, as Jeff Sneider at Collider described it.

In June, Cohen’s character entered a far-right rally in Washington and convinced the audience to sing along with him in a racist song. The text included passages about injecting children with the “Wuhan flu” and “cutting up” journalists “like the Saudis do”. Cohen was wearing overalls and a beard, posing as a country singer. Another event that went viral at the end of August was when Cohen, dressed as Borat, was driving down a street with a film crew in front of the car. This was caught on video by a TikTok user.

It’s speculated that the movie may be released before the U.S. presidential election on November 3, 2020 – 14 years after the original. |

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