This Is Paris: You’ve Never Seen Paris Hilton Like This Before

Paris Hilton, the rich heiress, primarily known as a reality star and one of the world’s first social media influencers, shows a new side of herself in the documentary “This is Paris”.

11 Times Star Trek: Reunions And Panels

Preparing for “First Contact Day” in April or “Star Trek Day” in September – or do you just want to bury yourself in Star Trek talks? We’ve gathered 11 panels and reunions, all well worth a look. Which Star Trek is your favorite?

Sacha Baron Cohen Back as Borat

A sequel to “Borat” from 2006 has been recorded during 2020. The creator, Sacha Baron Cohen, is said to have already shown the movie to people in the film industry.

FBI Director and Trump On Collision Course in The Comey Rule

The U.S. presidential election is rapidly approaching and thus, as usual, book releases, movies, and TV series have gained momentum. One of these is “The Comey Rule”.

Stream Netflix For Free (Sort of)

Without even having to register an account with Netflix, you can watch a selection of movies and series from the streaming giant – completely free.

6 Reunions For Back To the Future

There’s no limit of people queuing to arrange reunions for the gang behind “Back To the Future”, and the filmmakers themselves seem eager to line up. We found six reunions on YouTube.

First Trailer For Branaghs’ Death On The Nile

Kenneth Branagh’s returning as Belgian master detective Hercule Poirot in another Agatha Christie classic – “Death on the Nile”.

Ted Lasso Gets Another Season

Apple TV+ renews Jason Sudeiki’s new series “Tim Lasso” for a second season.

Comedy Actors Roundtable with Gervais and Nanjiani

It’s time for this year’s edition of The Hollywood Reporters’ “Comedy Actors Roundtable”, where famous comedians discuss their latest works, among other things.

19 Financial Movies and TV Shows You Must Watch

The hedge funds considered GameStop to be the next Blockbuster and shorted the stock. However, a bunch of young and inexperienced investors on Reddit thought otherwise. They bought shares in the video game retailer and the stock rallied on the market. Now, the story will be a movie. Can’t wait for it? We’ve gathered the best movies and series about financial life.