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Jeff Nichols is a writer, director and producer. He was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA on 7 December 1978. He is known for Mud (2013), Take Shelter (2011), Midnight Special (2015), Trainwreck: My Life as an Idoit (2007) and Loving (2015).

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Jeff Nichols

Born 1978-12-07 (41 years ago) in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.

Award Ceremony Year Awarded for
Independent Spirit Robert Altman Award (Mud) 29th Independent Spirit Awards 2014 Mud
Nominated for awards
Award Ceremony Year Nominated for
Independent Spirit Award for Best Director (Mud) 29th Independent Spirit Awards 2014 Mud
Independent Spirit Award for Best Director (Take Shelter) 27th Independent Spirit Awards 2012 Take Shelter
Gotham Independent Film Award for Best Feature Film (Take Shelter) Gotham Independent Film Awards 2011 2011 Take Shelter
Independent Spirit John Cassavetes Award (Shotgun Stories) 23rd Independent Spirit Awards 2008 Shotgun Stories

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Jeff Nichols

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Jeff Nichols is a screenwriter and film director.

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