Revenge for Jolly (2013)

Dog's Best Friend, Man's Worst Enemy

Revenge for Jolly (2013)

Dog's Best Friend, Man's Worst Enemy

Dog's Best Friend, Man's Worst Enemy

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Harry (Brian Petsos) is having a very, very bad day. He returns home from an all-night drinking binge with his cousin Cecil (Oscar Issac), to discover that his little dog Jolly...Harry's one true love and the source of light in his dark, solitary life-has been murdered. Brokenhearted and beyond consolation, he vows to track down the dog's murderer at any cost. Armed with a stockpile of firepower in the trunk of his car, he and Cecil embark on a frenzied, alcohol-fueled wild-goose chase, leaving a bloody path of destruction in their wake.

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