Nightmare - Painajainen merellä (2012)


Nightmare - Painajainen merellä (2012)

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Newlywed Peppi (age 21) is about to embark on a honeymoon cruise with her husband and closest friends. The journey starts off in good spirits but then Peppi runs into some old friends who bring back unpleasant memories from her past. Suddenly strange things start to happen on the ship. Members of Peppi´s group begin to disappear. Peppi starts to realize that the disappearances are payback from her past; a drug related death she was a part of. The situation gets gradually worse and even Peppi´s closest friends seem to have motives to hurt her. Who can you trust when you can´t trust anyone?

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Nightmare - Painajainen merellä

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Nightmare - Painajainen merellä

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