Legends of Peruvian Indians (1978)


Legends of Peruvian Indians (1978)

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The film is based myths of the ancient Peruvians, recreated Soviet ethnographers Yuri Beryozkin on drawings Indians Mochica. The action takes place 1,500 years ago. Legend tells of two brothers, demigods, brought the sacred frog. Growing up, the brothers went to the human world, giving them a lot of happiness and a refuge from the evil monsters. But one of the monsters Rikuay survived the battle with his brothers. He deceived his younger brother, went to his centipede, which led him to ally Rica - a witch, who asked his younger brother to give people a weapon that start killing people. Only the intervention of the gods, and his older brother saved people from total destruction

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Legends of Peruvian Indians

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Legendy Peruanskikh Indeytsev

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