Bad Faith (2010)

Bad Faith

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A disturbed woman and a violent lunatic walk the same path in this thriller from Swedish director Kristian Petri. Monia is a businesswoman who has been hired to work for a large corporation based in Gothenburg. One evening, while having drinks with her colleagues, Monia steps outside for some air and she happens upon a man who has been brutally stabbed by a serial killer on the loose. Monia, who feels a curious emotional distance from the world around her, isn't sure what to make of this incident at first, but she can't get the violent image out of her mind, and over the next several days she keeps stumbling upon victims of the killer's handiwork. No one finds any of this remarkable besides her friend Frank, but in time she begins crossing paths with a curious man who seems to appear at the same crimes scenes she observes.

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Bad Faith

Original title

Ond tro

Runtime in minutes


Production year



Jonas Karlsson, Sonja Richter, Kristoffer Joner, Jörgen Berthage


Kristian Petri


Magnus Dahlström

Production country
International release